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Original Plays and Pieces

Here is a list of a few of the original plays, monologues and pieces I wrote! To me playwrighting feels like a free and exciting game to play with words. So far I have only written for the stage, I love experimenting with the infinite possibilities of this millenarium media and trying to evoke sensations with the choices of words and orders of words I find. It is incredible for me to hear other actors’ take on my work. However, I am studyimng to be able to approach screen writing as well!



Always in Rimini

From a dance- theatre devised piece created in collaboration with Luca Villa (director) and Sara Grassi. The story three women in the iconic italian city of Rimini, symbol of carefree summer days and vacations, during the '70s, a decade full of contradictions. We will witness how they will come to find themselves. A meditation of what it means to be one and many, with someone and alone.

“I got so many Teresa through the wind. I spoke and you heard only one voice, my voice. I had been bearing I, who I birthed I. And then Teresa was born. Piacere, I am Teresa. It’s fine to say goodbye, because we’ll be always in Rimini, always for now.” 



to watch "Lullaby with the Sea", which text is featured in "Always in Rimini"!

to watch "Zapping", the film adaptation of one scene from "One Night it Happens"

Accade una Notte (One Night it Happens)

Co-written with Luca Villa

An absurd, high-paced, exuberant tale of what happens to the members of one family during a very special night. It is funny until it is not anymore and then it is funny again. You never know what will come next, like in life (but we take it to the extreme!).


 “Good morning ladies and gentlemen, we start our morning news with our correspondent at the city fair (change channel) You are about to see how the mating season of the Armadillo brings a breath of vitality to the group (change channel) Cats! They are invading our homes. If you witness any suspicious cat activity contact the number on the screen (raises number. Change channel) Do you find it impossib

The smell of Hollyhocks

A monologue

Child marriage is a reality in many parts of the world (including the U.S.A). After coming across the interview of a woman who had escaped her past of abuse as a child bride, I decided to research the topic. I was horrified and enraged from all the stories I found and at the same time inspired by the women and activists who bravely raised their voice against this practice. It is a very present evil in society, especially in  and I am surpised of how little we hear about it. I am a firm believer than there are no religions or traditions that justify such horrors. This monologue is a fictional account of a child bride wedding and her life after it. I wanted to make it uplifting and hopeful but not shy away from the terrible truths of child marriage and the dangers of religious fondamentalism

I got also used to walk by bridal shops without wanting to cry, to walk by churches without feeling nauseated, to cope with anger till it washed away; but when I smell that perfume I am  once again there and I am small.

So forgive me, or rather understand me, for filling this room with hollyhocks knowing you'd come, I know we are not about to marry. I did it because they deserve justice and the memory of your kind eyes, of your frenetic hands, of your lips running to catch up with your thoughts its much more suitable for the smell of hollyhocks. 

Eco and Narcisus

My take on the ancient myth from the Metamorphoses with a little spin on the ending because sometimes I cannot keep myself from adding some more joy! I built the story around the theme of communication and communicability instead of vanity. This play is written to incorporate a lot of plot-developing dance and music.

In the ground where you are sitting, in the air above your head, below you eyelashes, tangled in your hair, on your lips, on your breasts, in your arms, in your legs, in your feet, in your hands. Nowhere and in the place you are now, nowhere and in the place you are now”.

Crowded- A Story with Remains

Co-written with Luca Villa

The story of a couple from the moment they meet till a tragic conclusion. They play deals with themes of grief, addiction, time and memory. The main structural characteristic of the play is that even though the two characters are always the same, the actors playing them change in every scene. The actors of the previous 
scenes remain on stage and interact with the set and each other, influencing the actions and the plot physically. The bodies remain on stage, like present memories, maybe unseen but certainly felt. 

Her: So basically everybody is using it now and you can, like, post pictures, tag your friends, which is saying that they are in that picture, and like stuff that you ... like I guess and tell everybody what you think. It’s the most unuseful thing but is addictive I think. (pause) Sorry I did not mean that.

Him: It’s okay. It does sound interesting. (pause)

out yet. (pause) Listen. about that thing… (1).png
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