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Sar Santucci
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Hello! I am Sara! I am an actress and playwright. Theater is my favorite thing! I love movies and can't get enough of stories! Humans are to me endlessly fascinating! I use too many exclamation marks.

 I wish to merge the attentive language-based approach to acting that comes from my love for literature with a strong attention to movement and physicality inspired by dance practices and movement improvisations. I am passionate about devising and collaborating with other artists. With my words I hope to metaphorically evoke philosophical thoughts...this is someone else’s description of my writing but I like it so I stole it!

I am one of the founding members of TheatreTurnings, a young multidisciplinary company that uses dance, theatre and music to tell meaningful stories to the broadest possible audience. You can discover more about this collective at


 My interest in linguistics and well... my life brought me to translating (from English to Italian and vice versa). Bringing ideas between languages is an artistic job that requires respect for the source material, courage and attention.  I do my best!

I started my training in Milan studying acting and dramaturgy and took part in devised shows, later I moved to  New York to deepen my acting training by attending the two-year conservatory at Atlantic Acting School. In 2023 I had my Off-Broadway debut at The Players Theatre. Then, I participated in different theatre shows, tours, and short movies in the USA and Europe.


I lived in different places and my friends and family are scattered all over the world so the borders of my home cross countries and my heart speaks more languages than my brain (who is really trying to catch up).

I like fairies.

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Click on the flags to download my resume in your chosen language 

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to see some more videos!

In English and Italian!

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to read more about my original plays,

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You can contact me through this website send an email or send an instagram message!

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Find my profile on Spotlight and E-Talenta

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